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The cosmopolitan capital of Spain is such a diverse and exciting place. Swarming with rich culture, extensive nightlife and shopping, Madrid is a vibrant and welcoming place for travellers and holidaymakers alike. The 3rd largest city within the EU is home to some of the world’s most famous art and architecture, It holds many fantastic and interesting museums just waiting to be explored, even the post office is a work of art here!

Often shunned and overlooked in place of Barcelona’s golden sands and famous nightlife, the capital which is seated in the centre of Spain, although it doesn’t have beaches has plenty more to offer and prides itself on being the apex of Spanish culture. Whether you choose to stay in the upmarket and central area of Salamanca or in the old city of Centro we can promise that Madrid will not disappoint.

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The nightlife in Madrid never stops! If you have ever heard of the saying “Madrid never sleeps” then this is where it is derived from! Monday to Sunday you can literally party until the early hours, raving nightclubs, swanky wine bars and pubs, this city has it all.

The real party starts late in Madrid, most big clubs don’t even open their doors until after 12 am at which time a lot of people are ready for a warm cuppa and slippers! But not the Madrilenos, they know how to party! People usually gather around 8 pm for nibbles and Tapas with friends and then move onto either a bigger meal or drinks in a local bar.

At around 1am the party moves onto the bigger clubs which remain open until around 6 am sometimes and then after that its straight for breakfast, Churros and chocolate! If you feel you can keep up the pace, experiencing this crazy nightlife and the extravagant nightclubs is a must, however, if you prefer to be snuggled up by 1 am there are plenty of bars & pubs to suit all tastes.


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As with most cities, public transport is the better option than a car due to traffic. When you arrive in Madrid you have two options one is to buy a “tourist travel pass” which can be bought for two separate zones (A and T), which zone you buy it for depends on the areas you want to visit. The pass can be used for an unlimited amount of times on the specified day and can be bought for up to 7 days if required. The more days you purchase the cheaper it is Zone T covers all of Zone A and more, Zone A is more restrictive. All tourist passes are loaded onto the electronic travel card called “Tarjeta Multi”

1 day €8.40€17.00
2 days€14.20€28.40
3 days€18.40€35.40
5 days€26.80€50.80
7 days€35.40€70.80

The second option if you do not want to pay for a tourist travel pass or intend to travel more by foot is to purchase the “Tarjeta Multi” for €2.50 and top it up with pay per ride tickets.
*Prices are for over 12 years old, under 12 receive 50% discount and under 4s travel free of charge*

The tourist travel pass works out the cheapest option if you intend to do some sightseeing and really travelling the city. It covers, metros, buses, shuttles and light rail trains. The Pass cannot be used on the high-speed trains.

Top 3 places to see in Madrid

Royal Palace

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The Royal Palace in Madrid is the official residence of the Emperors of Spain, although they don’t actually live there and it is only used for events such as state ceremonies. The Palace is the largest in western Europe and covers an impressive 135,000 square meters! The palace alone attracts thousands of visitors each year and is one of Madrid’s main tourist attractions, furnished with lavish dressings from the tastes of Chares the III, visitors can wander around its many rooms and banqueting halls including the throne room, Royal armoury, residential areas and Royal pharmacy! To be precise there are over 2,800 of them although not all of them are open to the public eye. It is truly an impressive site just from the outside and well worth the visit. There are both guided and unguided tours available, the queue can get quite big so try to arrive as early as possible.

Prado Museum

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Known as one of the best museums in the world the Prado Museum (Museo del Prado) is Spain’s national art museum and displays some of the finest European art in the world!  With pieces dating from the 12th century to early 20th century, it has superb works by Spanish masters such as Velázquez, El Greco and Goya, but has wonderful Italian and Flemish collections too.  With paintings by Raphael, Titian and Tintoretto, Bosch and Rubens. There are also usually at least two temporary exhibitions running as well, whether you’re an art lover or not you will be wowed by such exquisite and magnificent masterpieces.

El Retiro Park

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A trip to Madrid isn’t complete without walking through this green wonderland in the city’s centre also known as “the Lungs of Madrid!”  The park is spread over an amazing 125 hectares of land and is home to over 15,000 trees including Madrid’s oldest cypress tree approximately 400 years old!  This lush oasis offers cultural, historical, leisure and sporting activities to its visitors with rowing being among one of the most popular.

Until the late 19th century this green paradise belonged to the Spanish Monarchy but in 1767 it was opened as a public park after the gardens became neglected due to the death of Philip IV.  The park has since been used as a venue for many international exhibitions.

From May to October, every Sunday live music can be heard from the bandstand and people can be seen picnicking among the parks luscious green grass, around the lake puppet shows are performed for children along with various street performers and fortune tellers.  The atmosphere is one that you need to experience and its magical memories will last a lifetime.