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Welcom to Oakham, one of the only two towns that reside in the county of Rutland, Oakham is the head quarters for the local council and is twinned with Barmstedt in Germany as well as Dodgeville in Wisconsin, USA. There are many interesting attractions in and around the town both historical and scenic.

Population of Oakham

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The closest airport to Oakham

East Midlands Airport is between 33 and 37 miles away from Oakham depending in the route you decide to take, both routes take approximately 1 hour.  You can also travel by bus or train.

East Midlands Airport to Oakham Rutland England United Kingdom

Closest train station to Oakham

Oakham train station is situated in the center of the town on Station Road.

Oakham Train Station to Oakham Rutland England United Kingdom

Taxi companies in Oakham


Phone Number

 Fox Taxis

+441572 720200

Rutland Cabs

+441572 757891

Berridge Taxis

 +441572 756088

Night life in Oakham

The night life in Oakham happens in the town center.

Oakham is the best place in Rutland to go for a night out.

In the town center you will find a whole range of bars and pubs that will accommodate your needs as well as places to stay.

The Wheatsheaf located on Northgate is a great place to go, it is a 17th century pub which serves real ales some of which are locally brewed, there is also a JD Wetherspoon in the town which goes by the name of Captain Noel Newton.

Bella’s Bar & Nightclub is the local club which only opens Friday and Saturdays 10pm – 3am, it also opens bank holiday Sundays.

Scenery in and places to see in Oakham

For the England’s smallest county there are a fantastic range of activities and places to visit in and around Oakham, most are situated around Rutland Water but one of the most popular in Oakham is the Castle.

The castle itself does not resemble that of a traditional castle, in fact, it was once part of a large fortified manor house that was constructed between 1180 and 1190.

It contains some of the best example of Norman architecture in the UK and is well known for a collection of horseshoes!

There is a unique tradition that still remains in the town in which members of high society should submit a horseshoe upon their first visit to Oakham to the Lord of the Manor, currently over the years over 230 horseshoes have been collected and now decorate the walls of the castle!

The most recent addition was from the Duchess of Cornwall in 2014.

Another popular attraction is the towns local open air market which has been taking place here for hundreds of years, the market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday and also every 3rd Saturday is a large fresh farmers market.

Other attractions in Oakham town include the local museum, old signal box built in 1899 and town pump beneath the Butter Cross.

Just 3.5 miles from Oakham you will find Rutland Water which is the largest artificial lake in Europe set in 3,100 acres of land! The lake has a whole range of fun exciting activities for all the family, there are also plenty of hotels and camping located around the lakes edge.

History of Oakham

Oakham has a long and rich history, the manor house here was in built during the Saxon reign, the town was then used as a administration town during the Norman period.

It was during 1180 that the Norman Walkelin De Ferrers decided to fortify the manor which has created today what we know as ‘Oakham Castle’.

In the town center there is a pretty thatched cottage what once belonged to a man called Hudson,  he was known for being the smallest man from the smallest county.

Another historical building in the town is Oakham school which was build in the 1500’s, the school was and still is once of the best private schools in the area.