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Rome Italy

Rome, Italy’s capital is pretty much a massive open-air museum, everywhere you look is a piece of history, buildings, roads you can really imagine what it would have been like when the Romans ruled this tremendous city.  Perfect for families, long trips, short breaks even honeymoons there is something for everyone here to enjoy, whether its sight-seeing the historical sites or just strolling the ancient streets we can promise you will fall in love with this place. The history of Rome goes deep and is a long one, some of the most popular Roman names including Julius Caesar once walked these streets!  Many of the Romans grand buildings still stand in this ancient city and viewing them up close is magnificent.  It makes you wonder how they even managed to build them without the use of today’s modern technology and machinery. The Colosseum in central Rome is a massive ancient amphitheater, made from marble and limestone this enormous stadium could hold 50,000 people and would hold mainly violent shows such as hunts, gladiator battles, and executions purely for entertainment.

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Nightlife in Rome

Rome really comes alive at night and the extravagant Roman buildings really look awesome lit up!  You will really get some fantastic photos strolling this city at night time, while it may not be one of the liveliest city in Europe for nightlife the fact that you can party and drink among buildings that are thousands of years old is a thrill in itself. From fancy wine bars to swanky clubs there is a music venue for every taste.  Campo de’ Fiori is a popular area for nightlife, this beautiful open square offers over 20 different swanky restaurants and bars where you can find wines, beers and signature cocktails to suit your taste. If you prefer to hit clubs then Testaccio is a fantastic area offering a range of clubs and nightspots in one area so you can dance the night away.


Rome Trams

To fully appreciate this grand city, you should really walk and use the public transport if you need to go further afield.  Taking a taxi or driving will mean that you miss some of the extravagant buildings and architecture, walking the streets of Rome is truly an experience in itself and not one to be missed. Most of the main sites and attractions are close together so you can easily walk between these.  There is a metro station if you need to go out of the city centre but it doesn’t really have stops within the centre so unless your travelling away from the city the best option is to use the regular buses. There are a number of ticket options available and they can be bought from newsstands but these are not dated and must be stamped at a machine when you get onto the service or the ticket inspector can issue you a fine. Ticket options include single tickets or 24, 48 or 72-hour passes or a 7 calendar day travel pass.

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Rome Italy

This amphitheatre is not to be missed when visiting Rome, It is one of the most spectacular Roman buildings of all time and it is the largest amphitheater that was ever built!  It is hard to believe just how much of it is still standing after the world war and numerous earthquakes!  You can really imagine what it must have been like to sit and watch the gruesome entertainment that partook here hundreds of years ago.

St Peters Basilica

ST Peters Basilica Vatican city Rome Italy

St Peters Basilica in the Vatican is an Italian renaissance Church which was built between 1506 and 1626.  The Church is a massive 136.6 meters high, 220 meters in length, and 150 meters (500 feet) in width. It covers approximately 23,000 square meters and is made of travertine stone.

The architecture outside of the church and surrounding it is just as magnificent as the inside.  For a different view of the grounds head to the cupola where you will be able to take some absolutely fantastic photos.  Although St Peters Basilica isn’t central Rome it really is worth the visit.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo, Roma, Italia

This superb circular building located right bank of the Tiber River, which is now a museum was originally built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian for both him and his family, however, he died before the Mausoleum was completed. Later used by the Pope as a fortress and a castle and also used as a prison, it once was the tallest building in Rome.  Various exhibits can be viewed throughout the castle including pottery and antique military weapons.