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Welcome to Wardley, a tiny picturesque village located in the Middlle East of England in OakhamRutland.  The village has a population of less than 100 and interestingly has no mains water supply, the local water comes from a borehole!

Population of Wardley

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The closest airport to Wardley

East Midlands is the nearest airport to Wardley, it is 36 miles away which takes approximately 56 minutes.

East Midlands Airport to Wardley Rutland England United Kingdom

Closest train station to Wardley

Oakham train station is 8 miles away from Wardley which takes around 14 minutes by car or 47 minutes by bus.

Oakham Train Station to Wardley Rutland England United Kingdom

Taxi companies in Wardley


Phone Number

Uppingham Taxis

 +447581 735959

Berridge Taxis

+441572 756088

Rutland Taxis

+441572 430002

Night life in Wardley

The night life in Wardley happens in Uppingham which is around 2.6 miles away.

The small village of Wardley has no nightlife, not even a local pub.

If you happen to be in this area then the nearest place with a good selection of pubs and bars is the next town which is Uppingham.


Scenery in and places to see in Wardley

Wardley is surrounded by countryside so you won’t be short of walks here. Up on the hillside you will find Wardley Wood which is an ancient woodland.

The local parish church St Botolph’s is a grade II listed building and is worth a visit.

History of Wardley

Not a great deal is know about the villages history with a population of less than 100 it has kept itself to itself over the years, there is no mention of it in the doomsday book either.

The church seems to be one of the oldest buildings in the area which is now a listed building and under the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.