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Cambridgeshire in England is most famous for the town of Cambridge home to the second oldest university in the English speaking world.  The university is set along the banks of the beautiful river Cam and has some of the best examples of late Medieval architecture in the UK.

Population of Cambridgeshire

Top 5 Places to Visit in Cambridgeshire


Ely Cambridgeshire England United Kingdom

Ely in Cambridgeshire is such an exciting place to visit, with an array of fascinating historical attractions and a stunning city to explore you really can’t go wrong by paying a visit here.

One of the most well know attractions here in Ely is Oliver Cromwell’s house, a stunning preserved seventeenth-century home where you can explore what life would have been like in the 1600’s, have fun dressing up in period clothes and play with the old toys!

Audio handsets are given on entrance making this tour even more special so you can really learn all there is to know, if are you brave enough then spend more than a few minutes in the haunted bedroom, guests often report seeing things move or the feeling of been touched whilst stood in this room!

A visit to Ely museum will take you even deeper into the city’s past where you can explore the ‘Old Goal’ in an interesting grade II listed building, you can also discover all about the Fens and how Ely was once an island known as the ‘Isle of Ely’ surrounded by boggy marshland that was difficult to penetrate!

You can’t pay a visit to Ely without exploring the famous cathedral, built in 672 it started out as an Abbey Church built by St Etheldreda, by 1083 the current building had begun and was later granted Cathedral status in 1109.

The Romanesque architecture on this building is just outstanding and the octagonal towers make it even more unique, the cathedral alone attracts over 250,000 tourists each year!

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Cambridge Cambridgeshire England United Kingdom

Located on the river cam Cambridge is the county town of Cambridgeshire and is home to the world-famous Cambridge University.

The university buildings are just amazing, the magnificence of the architecture on these 31 college buildings will just blow you away, many of which are located along the rivers banks making them even more stunning.

You will need to set a good few days aside to really make the most of this beautiful city and all the attractions it has to offer, at each turn, there are unusual period buildings that will capture your eye.

The Fitzwilliam Museum has a stunning range of art and antiques plus it regularly hosts exhibitions that are not to be missed, it is also home to one of Henry Moore’s sculptures located in the gardens.

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Huntingdon Cambridgeshire England United Kingdom

Founded by the Anglo-Saxons Huntingdon was the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell and is home to the Cromwell Museum.

This lovely market town has quite a few things to offer, Hinchingbrooke Country Park and Riverside Park are two great places to just relax and soak up the beautiful surroundings. Hinchingbrooke covers 170 acres of lovely woodland, lakes and grassland, there is such large variety of different wildlife here it is the perfect spot to just relax and see what you can spot.

Just outside Huntingdon, you will find the oldest working water mill on the River Great Ouse.  Houghton Mill was built in 974 and can be seen running every Sunday and every bank holiday between 13:00 and 16:00, there is also a fantastic exhibition that contains paintings from the 19th and 20th century showing the mill and the surrounding areas from over 100 years ago!

You can walk in the stunning grounds along the river bank or even do canoeing in the river itself.

The mill is now looked after by The National Trust and so is free entrance to members or a small fee if you are not, there is also a lovely tea room on the site serving yummy snacks and drinks.

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Wisbech Cambridgeshire England United Kingdom

Wisbech is Cambridgeshire’s second largest town but wasn’t really of any importance until the fens were drained, once they were drained the town became of great importance, with a busy port shipping produce all over the world that had been grown on the Fen’s newfound farmland.

On the North Brink of the river Nene, you will find Peckover house, an old Georgian townhouse built in C1722 that was lived in the Peckover family for over 150 years, the house is full of interesting surprises from the past including the fabulous well maintained two-acre gardens.

Wisbech town centre is a great place to do some shopping, the Horse Fair Shopping Center has a great variety of shops for all your shopping needs and some delicious cafes too for stopping off for refreshments.

The shopping centre is named after the towns historical horse fair that ran between the 1600’s and 1800’s.

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Location of airports in Cambridgeshire

Cambridge International Airport

Cambridgeshire to Cambridge International Airport

Cambridge International Airport is located just 3 miles away from the center of Cambridgeshire. If travelling by car the travel time is around 10 minutes or there is a train that goes every 30 minutes.


The nightlife in Cambridgeshire happens in the center of the county in Cambridge.

Being the home to the second oldest university in the UK Cambridge was bound to have one of the best nightlife scenes in Cambridgeshire!

Cambridge is a metropolis for nightclubs, as the sun goes down the scene really livens up!

Some of the most popular clubs here are Lola Lo, the Fez Club, Kuda and Hidden Rooms, some of the clubs are even underground so keep your eyes peeled for the doorways!

Earlier on normally before 10.30pm most bars, clubs and pubs offer great deals on drinks so you can really make the most of your evening.

Scenery and places to see

Cambridgeshire is full of scenic places especially the area of the Fens.

Wicken Fen Nature Reserve is a perfect example of this, grassy marsh land surrounds the area that was once under water, you will also find the last working wooden windpump originally one of the 6 pumps used to drain the turf pits.

Another great highly interesting place is Cherry Hinton Talk Pits, this former quarry was where chalk was collected to build some of the university buildings, it has now been left and nature has taken over leaving a moon like surface covered in wild plants!

We also highly recommend a visit to Cambridge University Botanical Gardens, the gardens opened in 1846 and are now home to some amazing plants in both gardens and greenhouses set in 40 acres of land!





The history of Cambridgeshire is a long one with some of the earliest noted settlements dating way back to the 6th century.

The Fens alone make highly interesting history here in Cambridgeshire.  Prior to them being drained the areas of the Fens that were ‘islands’ made very safe places that could be defended easily, especially during the dark ages as it seem the Anglo-Saxons were not keen on crossing the boggy marsh land and so the tribes were left alone.

There are many fascinating historical buildings in Cambridgeshire the most popular being the University buildings.  All around the county you will find buildings with fine architecture from a variety of different eras including Tudor, Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian and more.