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Dorset is situated on the south coast of England, also know as the Jurassic Coast, the cliffs along the English Channel here contain fossils from millions of years ago when the dinosaurs once roamed the lands. Many of the seaside towns here have luxury sandy beaches making it brilliant holidays spot.

Population of Dorset

Top 4 Places to Visit in Dorset


Weymouth Dorset England United Kingdom

This popular tourist resort is situated in Dorset halfway along the Jurassic Coast attracts thousands ofholidaymakerss every year.

The harbour here is one of the most picturesque in the UK and has a number of old pubs located along the front, you can just imagine what it would of been like years ago when it was a busy port with horses and carts trotting up and down and sailors stopping by for refreshments.

There are so many fun family activities to do here, don’t miss the ‘Sandworld Sculpture Park’ it has some great sand models of lovable Disney characters and much more.

Weymouth offers a lot of options for staying in the area, there are some beautiful caravan and camping spots as well as B&B’s plus larger hotels if you prefer something a little fancier.

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Lyme Regis

lyme Regis Dorset England United Kingdom

Lyme Regis is a unique place to visit, all year round there is a range of unique and exciting festivals that will make your stay here a special and memorable one.

The first event of the year is called the Lyme Lunge where on New Years day the locals and anyone else who wants to join in braves the icy cold waters of the sea and runs in, some fully clothes, some in fancy dress and some even in swim wear! It is such a fun event and a fantastic way to start the new year.

The town is situated along the Jurassic Coast, 185 million years of layers upon layers of rocks and fossils can be found here, it was the first site in England to gain World Herritage status in 2001. Weekly fossil walk tours take place along the coast.

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Poole Dorset England United Kingdom

Poole is a very interesting coastal town in the county of Dorset with one of the largest harbours in Eurpoe! The luxury sandy beaches, glorious coast line and ancient woodland are a big tourist attractions.

Historically human settlement in Poole date backs to way before the Iron Age, it also was once a thriving and very important port transporting wool all over the world.

If you head towards Old Town then you will come across many fantastic Georgian houses with amazing architecture, you can also explore the towns past in Poole Museum which is spread over 3 houses and even contains a Medieval Scaplens Court!

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Christchurch Dorset England United Kingdom

There is so much to discover in the lovely little town we definitely recommend paying a visit here if you are in Dorset.

Christchurch is surrounded by green country side and two rivers, there is a lovely harbour with little white houses as a back drop that make is so pretty, you can stroll along here and stop off for some afternoon tea whilst taking in this fabulous area.

Just behind the harbour, you will find Christchurch Priory Church, the longest Parish Church in the UK that survived Henry VIII’s dissolution by converting to a Parish in 1500s!  It is beautiful both inside and out and has such a lovely history.

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Location of airports in Dorset

Bournemouth Airport

Dorset to Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport is the closest to Dorset at 26 miles away, a total of 40 minutes travel time.

London Gatwick Airport


Dorset to London Gatwick Airport

If you need a bigger airport with more flight options then London Gatwick Airport is the next one to Dorset, it is 131 miles away 2 hours and 17 minutes travel time.


The nightlife in Dorset happens in Bournemouth which is around 24 miles away.

The nightlife in Bournemouth is out of this world! With beachfront bars and night clubs you could easily mistake this fabulous town for a holiday resort in Spain!

There are many bars and pubs to choose from all offering a unique scene and a great selection of drinks, some of the most popular are Ginjams – a unique gin bar, Yeahman – a jamacian themed bar and Chaplins – an award winning bar.

There is also a range of popular night clubs that will take your night well into the next morning!

Scenery and places to see


Dorset is home to some of England’s most magical natural beauty spots, one of these that you must see is Lulworth Cove located on the Jurassic Coast.  A stunning sunken down cove that was formed from the last ice age along with the help from the rivers and sea it is full of crystal clear turquoise waters and white sands around the edges, the cove is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Durdle Door is another interesting place, a large part of the cliff has eroded away on Lulworth Estate leaving a large hole in the cliff, this also is now a UNESCO World Herritage Site.

The cliffs on the top of the Jurassic Coast make for some amazing wlks with breath taking views of the English Channel and France.


The history of Dorset goes back thousands of years and is known to of been inhabited by Mesolithic hunters over 12,000 years ago!

The high cliffs of Dorset have been a great location over the years for forts and other defense buildings looking out over the English channel, and the Romans made good use of this when they invaded through Poole harbour, quickly moving in and taking both Abbotsbury and Maiden Castle.

Many notable artifacts and Roman buildings still remain in Dorset, it is great fun exploring them.

The industrial revolution passed Dorset which in a way we are thankful for as it left the stunning countryside and miles of forests untouched, farming however did grow and still to this day is a large part of the economy here.