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Gloucestershire, located in the South West of England is yet another part of the country that is surrounded by nothing but pure beauty.  It is home to the famous Gloucester cathedral and popular Forest Dean, an ancient fwoodland where you can be at one with nature and do a whole range of very exciting activities.

Population of Gloucestershire

Top 5 Places to Visit in Gloucestershire


Cirencester Gloustershire England United Kingdom

Cirencester is the capital of the Cotswolds, it is such a beautiful picturesque town perfect for a breakaway that is also full of Roman history! Behind London, it was the second largest Roman town in England!

The town centre has a whole range of both high street and unique independent shops set within traditional stone buildings, a must see traditional area is Black Jack street which has recently been at the centre of redevelopment.

The Corinium Museum in Cirencester has the finest and largest display of Roman artifacts in the country, the museum lets you see inside a real Roman villa, admire Roman mosaics and view other treasures that have been discovered here in this lovely town.

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Gloucester Gloucestershire England United Kingdom

This ancient Gothic city has so much going on and a whole range of interesting attractions!

One of the most famous attractions here is Gloucester Cathedral and the burial place of King Edward II, the area in which the cathedral is built has been a place of worship for over 1,300 years and as you can imagine it has many tales to tell and holds somewhat of a gruesome past.

The new cathedral started out as a religious house which was built in 678AD and then proceeded to be a Norman Abbey, it was here that King Henry III was crowned King at just the age of 9 years old!

When Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of all Abbey’s, Gloucester surrendered in 1541 and became a cathedral which it has remained ever since, just 14 years later Catholic Queen Mary had Bishop Hooper burnt on the steak here!

Over the years the buildings have been amended and changed, but it has all contributed to the long line of history that stands within the wall of the cathedral and making it a truly magnificent piece of art both inside and out.

In the city, there is a great range of shops and cafes located along Gloucester Quays with a local organic farmers market that is held every Friday.

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Stroud Glousteshire England United Kingdom

This unique town in the Cotswold’s is such a brilliant place to come for shopping, paragliding, horse riding and walking!

The town centre is known to have one of the biggest, busiest and best farmers markets in the whole country!  It sells locally grown fresh organic produce and has even won awards and been featured in many magazines, it is on every Saturday between 9 am and 2 pm, you definitely want to experience it when you are here!

Stratford Park in Stroud is another great place to visit!  The park is set in a large area of lovely green grass surrounded by trees and a very large lake, it also offers a whole range of different activities including a museum in the park which is free admission!

For walkers and nature lovers just 4 miles outside Stroud you can take a walk up to Coaley Peak, it is 12 acres of a stunning wildflower meadow and once at the top, you can see 5-star views of the Severn Vale, Forest of Dean and Stroud town itself.

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Cheltenham Gloucestershire England United Kingdom

When you mention Cheltenham the first thing that comes to mind is the ever famous 4-day horse race festival which is held here every year in March, but there is so much more this breathtaking town has to offer than this annual event!

”The Romantic Road’ starts in Cheltenham then  takes you on a large round trip passing through traversing Cleeve Hill, Winchcombe, Stanway, Stanton, Broadway, Chipping Campden, Blockley, Moreton-in-Marsh, The Fosse Way, Stow-on-the-Wold, Upper and Lower Slaughter, before returning back to Cheltenham, it also takes you to the highest village in the Cotswolds!

The route was also featured in the Telegraph as one of the most romantic drives in the UK! The trip can be done over a 1 to 2 day period or even longer if you wish! There are many lovely quaint B&B’s along they way, it really is a road trip you will never forget!

Another stunning place to see here in Cheltenham is the Promenade, built in 1818 it was and still is one of the best-kept areas here. Surrounded with a long line of trees, grass and flowers on one side and shops along the other, when sitting here you can just imagine how it would have been with horses and carts trotting down the lane.

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Tewkesbury Gloustershire England United Kingdom2

Tewkesbury’s history dates back to more than 1000 years ago and you can really tell when strolling the ancient streets here, old buildings, especially from the Tudor period, still stand to line some of the streets.

One great place to learn all about the town’s history is from the Tewkesbury Heritage History & Visitor Center, here you can take a step back in time and follow the self-guided audio tour along a timeline of events that have helped shaped the town into what it is today.

Another great attraction to visit is the John Moore museum, the museum is set among a row of old fantastic 15th-century houses and has information on the local wildlife, it is also home to ‘The Old Baptist Chapel & Court’ a 500-year-old place of worship which started out as just a house!

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Location of airports in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Airport

Gloucestershire Airport to Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Airport is the closest to Gloucestershire, it is just 8 miles away which takes around 14 minutes drive.

Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport to Gloucestershire

Bristol Airport is 45 miles away from Gloucestershire which takes 1 hr and 3 mins.

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport to Gloucestershire3

Birmingham Airport is another option from the Gloucestershire area. It is 61 miles away and takes around 1 hr and 4 mins.

Night life

The night life in Gloucestershire happens in Gloucester which is in the center.

Gloucester has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife and places to eat.

Dr Fosters Waterfront Bar & Restaurant is a popular place located along the front of the docks where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, its a great places to start your night off and isn’t too far from the town center. Other great places are Cafe Rene, The Fountain Inn and The Brewhouse and Kitchen.

ATIK and Fever are two popular night clubs offering delicious cocktails and other signature drinks & ales.

Scenery and places to see


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During the Iron age and Roman period parts of Gloucestershire were inhabited by ancestors of the Welsh and British Celtic people known as Brythonic people who managed to avoid major control from the Romans, they did however move into the city of Gloucester and other areas and it was the Romans who gave the city its name.

After the Romans left most of the area was captured by the Anglo-Saxons which saw the building of the famous Gloucester Cathedral, it was both the Tudour and stewarts however who really gave the county its full character with the establishment of the timber face Tudor houses which still remain to this day.

There is a great range of museums and historical houses that can be found through out Gloucestershire that demonstrate the county through the ears.