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Hampshire is rich in very interesting historical sites, some thousands of years old!  From castles to ancient ruins and much more, there is so much to be discovered in this county.  It is also home to the only Navy museum in England which is located in the city of Portsmouth and is home to some of Britain’s finest wartime ships.

Population of Hampshire

Top 4 Places to Visit in Hampshire


Southampton Hampshire England United Kingdom

Being the largest city in Hampshire there is a lot to see and do in Southampton, it has an attraction for every kind of mood, boredom is definitely banned here!

In the ‘Old Town’ area you can go on on a self-guided tour around what is known as some of England’s best preserved Medieval walls, the walls were built in stages over a 300 year period and most of them are still in brilliant condition with features such a stone sculptures and markings along them.

Just half a mile from the city centre you will find what is named the ‘Tudor house and Gardens’, this house is the most historic building in the city and was lived in by rich, famous and even the poor! You are able to learn all about the characters that made this house history, explore the ancient furniture and see the fascinating old wooden beams.

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Winchester Hampshire England United Kingdom

Winchester was once the most important city in England and was also the capital until the 11th century when it slipped behind London and became a quieter place, leaving only the deep history and Heritage to be discovered.

Europe’s oldest and longest standing Medieval Cathedral can be found here in Winchester, built in 1071 it contains a whole range of Medieval carvings, paintings and art all produced between the 11th and 16th century.

Two other historical sites to visit here are Winchester Castle and Wolvesey Castle, both are in ruins however in Winchester Castle the great hall still stands, which is now home to the museum of Winchester.

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Portsmouth Hampshire England United Kingdom3

Portsmouth another is a lovely vibrant port city, located in Hampshire it has a long-standing naval and maritime history.

There is a whole bunch of fascinating attractions here one of the most notable being the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, here you will find Henry VIII’s beloved Mary Rose ship which was recovered from the bottom of the sea near Isle of Wight in 1971, years after it sunk.

You can also step aboard the HMS Victory most known as Admiral Lord Nelson’s ship, it was this very ship which fought during the battle of Trafalgar the day that he was shot and killed by the French! It was also this battle which made him one of Britain’s most famous wartime heroes.

Portsmouth city is very interesting, there are both old and modern buildings that make up the skyline here, one of the most unusual is the Emirates Spinnaker Tower.

Admission to the towers enables you to travel 100 meters up in an elevator and get the best view of Portsmouth, there is also a cafe and a glass floor walkway if you are brave enough to cross it that is!

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Andover Hampshire England United Kingdom

Located along the river Anton, this small historical market town is a great place to learn about the Iron age.

Andover is situated in the middle of the Hampshire Downs which is home to the most fertile area for farming in the South of England.

The Iron age museum is just half a mile from the town centre and is situated in an old red brick Georgian house. You can discover all about the history of the town and learn about the Danebury Hill Fort, the largest hill in the area which is known as one of the best-studied Iron age forts in the UK.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in this town ‘The Station Inn’ is a great place to stay with a little bit of history, built in 1790 it was originally called Eight Bells and was once a coaching inn!

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Location of airports near Hampshire

Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport to Hampshire

Southampton Airport is the closest to Hampshire area at just 9 miles away which takes 15 mins by car or 30 mins by train.


The nightlife in Hampshire happens in Southampton which is around 18 miles away.

Southampton is another city in England that has a great variety of nightlife, historical pubs and modern funky bars, this city has it all!

The biggest and best nightclub in Southampton is Oceana, it is spread out over 3 very large floors offering a complete unique night out, every room is themed on destinations all around the world and it regularly has famous DJ’s making guest appearances.

Oceana is one of the biggest night clubs in the country!

Scenery and places to see

One of the most beautiful places in Hampshire is the New Forest.  A stunning area full of wild animals, green fields and rolling hills, covered in wild flowers.

There is so much to do in the new forest including cycling, walking, horse riding and throughout the year there are regular events and festivals held.

The forest is hundreds of years old and such a beautiful place to spend the day whilst enjoying a picnic, you will even see wild horses and wild deer! If you come in spring time the color of the flowers will blow you away, it id a sea of rainbows, so beautiful.


Home to the original capital of England, Hampshire has a long standing history that goes back thousands of years.

It was a major settlement for tribal groups during the Iron age period and also had a highly rich Roman history, although not many of the Roman remains are visible you can still visit historical areas which are fascinating.

It was the period of the Normans which really saw Hampshire thrive and develop, Castles, walls and forts were built during this time; some of the city’s most marvelous architecture came from this period including Porchester castle and St Winchester Cross.