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The Isle of Wight is England‘s little Island of Paradise, with long stretches of golden / white sand, warm turqoise waters sat beneath high chalky cliffs along with the most sunshine days a year and the warmest UK temperatures, it is no surprise it is the most popular holiday destination! why travel abroad when this is on your doorstep?!

Population of Isle of wight

Top 5 Places to Visit in Isle of wight


Ryde Isle of Wight England United Kingdom

Ryde is the gateway to the Isle of Wight, it is the largest town on the island and the busiest.

The town looks like something out of a storybook, it is really quite impressive! One half of the town is filled with little houses, cottages, B&B’s and shops and the other half filled with lush green trees!

Along the front you have a busy port with both hovercraft and passenger ferries travelling in and out of the island and long stretches of sandy beaches, here you can ride the last remaining hovercraft on the worlds oldest operator ‘Hovertravel!’

There are a lot of different activities you can do in the marvellous town which include canoeing on the lake, picnics on the green, Isle of Wight Steam Railway or playing in the arcades along the front.

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Cowes Isle of Wight England United Kingdom

Cowes is well known for the love of water sports, the biggest sailing regatta in the world is held here every year known as Cowes Week!

The town is divided by the large estuary of the river Medina so a ferry carries both passenger and cars from one side to the other multi times a day, Cowes also holds a deep and longstanding Maritime history which can be discovered in the Maritime Museum.

It was always a favourite place for Queen Victoria to visit where she would come and enjoy the summer holidays here at her palace Osborne House with Prince Albert.

Osborne House is a must see when you are in Cowes, the palace is absolutely stunning, you can stroll around the rooms admiring their extravagance and all of the artwork you can even explore the private bathing spot and the children’s playhouse!

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Yarmouth Isle of Wight England United Kingdom

Yarmouth is another town in the Isle of Wight that has a busy ferry port carrying passengers to and from the Island.

It is a lovely town for a seaside holiday, you can fish or crab fish here along the pier which is an ancient part of the town’s history and now a grade II listed building.

Just past the ferry dock you an discover Yarmouth Castle, built in 1547 but now looked after by English Heritage it is a great place to get views of the town and take some amazing photos, it is also a very popular picnic spot in the summer months.

One of the longest run events on the Isle of Wight (Yarmouth Old Gaffers festival) is held here annually, the festival celebrated 50 years in 2013 and is a locally run event by volunteers and local shops, there are great shows, music and live music and much more.

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Newport Isle of Wight England United Kingdom

Located in the centre of the island, Newport is ‘the capital’ of the Isle of Wight.

Newport has a brilliant range of shops in the town centre; some larger chains along with a lot of smaller independent shops and a famous farmers market every Tuesday that sells delicious fresh grown produce, it is that popular that The Queen often stops by when she visits the island.

You definitely won’t be short of attractions to visit here, Newport Roman Villa, the Museum Of Island History, and the Quay Arts Center are among some of the most popular to holidaymakers.

Not far from the towns centre just outside Newport, you will find Carisbrooke Castle, a 12th-century castle set in 88 acres of the absolutely stunning lush green countryside!  It was here that King Charles I was imprisoned after his defeat in the English civil war.

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Shanklin Isle of Wight England United Kingdom2

Shanklin is one of the most beautiful and charming villages we have come across! If you walk through the old town there is a whole street of thatched cottages!  It is so fascinating to see how houses would have been years ago.

The beaches here in Shanklin are some of the best on the Island, long stretches of golden white sand are set among the high chalky cliffs of the Isle of Wight creating the most amazing backdrop, it’s the perfect spot for relaxing and really enjoying your holiday!

There is a wealth of activities in this beautiful town all along the seafront you will find the traditional seaside entertainment and arcade games but there isn’t just seaside entertainment here, Shanklin is also full of wonderful greenery with large parks dotted around the area.

One great place to see is Rylstone Gardens, surrounded by an abundance of trees and green grass you will find activities here such as miniature golf and some lovely tea rooms where you can get drinks and a bite to eat from.

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Location of airports near Isle of wight

Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport to Isle of Wight

There is no direct airport to the Isle of Wight, there are however a few airports located on mainland England that are close to the island. The best option is to fly to Southampton Airport which is just 3 miles away from the Island, there are then a couple of routes you can take that will take you to ferry ports and then over to your destination, each route varies in time depending on traffic.

Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport to Isle of Wight Bournemouth Airport is another great option when travelling to the Isle of Wight, the airport is just 31 miles away from the island, once you have landed you can travel to Lymington to catch the ferry over to Yarmouth.

Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport to Isle of Wight

London Gatwick Airport is a lot further than the other two airports but it is still an option if that is where you need to fly to. The total distance is 91 miles which takes 2 hours and 44 minutes.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport to Isle of Wight

London Heathrow is 80 miles away from the Isle of Wight which takes approximately 2 hours and 37 minutes travel time.


The nightlife in Isle of wight happens in Newport.

Newport is a popular place to go for a night out on the Isle of Wight, towards the bottom end of the town you will find places such as Yates, Hogshead and Wetherspoons which tends to attract more of the younger crowds, of course though anyone can have fun here no matter what the age.

The Quay Arts Center regularly hosts live events and is know as one of the best places to go when an event is taking place, you will also find live music in the Hogshead at weekends.

Throughout the town you will also find a fantastic range of historical watering holes, these also offer a fantastic night out with amazing vibes and a range of locally brewed ales an other drinks.

Where ever you decide to do in Newport we are sure you will love it here!

Scenery and places to see

The whole of the island is one big scenic place, surrounded my stunning beaches and ancient coast line where ever you look your eyes will be filled with natural beauty!

A stunning place you must see is Shanklin Chine, full of breathtaking bright green shrubs and trees with a large waterfall you will be in awe of this place!

You can walk through the woods and along high walk ways nestled among the trees looking down through the gorge onto the river.

Make sure you take a picnic and spend a day here appreciating this natural spot, it really is worth it!


Over 125 million years ago there was no Isle of Wight, it was a completely different place landlocked onto a continent and home to hundreds of dinosaurs, in fact more recently the island has gained the name of ‘Dinosaur Island’ and is now considered one of Europe’s finest sites for dinosaur remains! It is a great place to go for a fossil hunt.

There are also many other ancient sites on this fascinating island, on of them is an ancient stone age burial site located overlooking Freshwater Bay and lets not forget the famous Carisbrooke Castle dating back to the Normal times!