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Kent is one of the ‘home’ counties in the United Kingdom surrounding London and is home to one of the most famous land marks in England, the white cliffs of Dover. It is one of the most expensive places to live in the UK and tends to be more prosperous than other counties. Kent county has so many brilliant sites to visit from palaces to castles and much more.

Population of Kent

Top 5 Places to Visit in Kent


Whistable Kent England United Kingdom

Whitstable is a charming fishing town on the coast of Kent, the seafront is very pretty with colourful painted wooden huts and houses.

You will find lots of the typical seaside attractions here, crab fishing, arcades, carousels and a lovely beach. It makes a great place for a family holiday with everything close by so you don’t need to travel far.

You can pay a visit to Whitstable castle, more of a stately home than a castle. It was built in the 1700’s so one of the more modern structures to make an appearance in England but it is still fascinating to see.

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Dover Kent England United Kingdom

A visit to Dover and just seeing the famous white chalky cliffs that form part of the English coastline here is enough to make anyone’s trip a memorable one, there are even many popular English songs about them!

Kent is steeped in history, particularly Dover and a visit to the underground castle here will let you peek back in time to see why this castle is said to of been the “key” to England.  You can walk among corridors that are 100’s of years old, see the underground hospital, secret wartime tunnels and much more!

South Foreland Lighthouse sits on the top of Dover cliff and is a great day out, although it was built in 1842 there have been lights here warning ships of the dangers of Goodwin Sands since the 1300’s.

The Goodwin Sands sit at the bottom of the cliffs and have caused many deaths over the years, over 2000 ships alone are thought to have sunk here!

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Deal Kent England United Kingdom

Situated on the border between the English Channel and the North Sea, Deal is a former fishing town with a long history of mining.

Along the seafront it is buzzing with pubs and bars where you can sit and soak up some fantastic views!  In the town, Deal is well known for Mazy Smugglers lanes and award-winning shopping street with a great range of shops.

Two great historical sites here are Deal castle which was constructed by Henry VIII in 1539 and Walmer Castle where you can even view an original pair of wellington boots!

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Canterbury Kent England United Kingdom

During the middle ages, Canterbury was a pilgrimage site, the ancient walls that the Romans once built surrounding this Medieval town are still visible along with the historic cobbled streets and timber-framed houses.

The Beaney House of art and knowledge is a must see if you are in the area, it is an art and knowledge museum and even if this isn’t your ‘thing’ the design of the building from the outside is still worth seeing, it is one of the most quirky buildings from its time and still have the original windows.

Another great place to add to your list when visiting Canterbury are the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey, built in 598 as a burial ground for the Anglo-Saxons Kings of Kent it still has many of its walls so you can get an idea of this impressive structure for its time.

Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest Christian structures in England, up close this building is breathtaking, the attention to detail will just blow you away. It was built by the Normans and is now a World Heritage Site.

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Broadstairs Kent England United Kingdom

Broadstairs stunning blue flag beaches attract thousands of visitors each year, this lovely seaside town has a lot to offer holidaymakers from classic arcades, crazy gold and award-winning bistros we guarantee you will fall I love with this place.

A major attraction in the area is Dickens House Museum, Broadstairs was a favourite place for Dickens to visit and nicknamed the town “our English watering place”. The museum is the cottage in which Dickens would come and stay when he was in the area, in fact, this very cottage was the place he got his inspiration for the home of Betsy Trotwood in his world-famous book ‘David Copperfield’.

You can also book on a tour of St Peters village and churchyard where you will encounter people dressed up and funny characters from past eras, its one of the most unique and memorable tours you will ever encounter!

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Location of airports near Kent

Kent Airport

Kent to Gatwick Airport

Gatwick airport is the closest to Kent by distance at 49 miles but the time it takes to get there is around the same as Stanstead airport which is 1 hr 5 mins.

London Stanstead Airport

Kent to London Stanstead Airport

Stanstead airport is 58 miles away from the county of Kent which takes approximately 1 hr and 3 mins depending on traffic. You can also reach it easily enough by public transport.

Night life

The night life in Kent happens in Canterbury which is around 31 miles away.

A night out in the county of Kent doesn’t come cheap with it being one of the more upmarket and posher areas of England but it will be a memorable one! There is so many classy bars, swanky clubs and  cocktail bars to choose from.

The biggest club in Canterbury is Chemistry, it is set over 3 whole floors offering dance RnB and hiphop.

The oldest pub in Canterbury is ‘The Parrot’, it was built on Roman foundations in the 14th century and has been serving pints to the public and passersby since then!

Scenery and places to see

Kent is known as the ‘Garden of England’ due to the abundance of fruit trees and hope gardens that grow in the county.  It is also home to many natural parks and natural wildlife areas two of the most popular are Kearsney Abbey Gardens and Westgate Gardens.

Westgate gardens are located along the river Stour with lots to see, an old mill and monastery are also located along the river bank. It is the perfect place for a picnic if the weather is nice, you can sit under the weeping willows and relax here.



Kent has a long standing history and people have been living here since the early paleolithic days.  One of the most important areas of Kent is Dover which is the lock and key of England controlling the English channel. Julius Caesar, William the Conquer, Napoleon and Hitler all had it in their plans to invade England through this way due to its location and ease of access from France.

Dover castle played a massive part in Operation Dynamo during World War II in which the Allied forces were were rescued from Dunkirk thanks to the castles location and tunnels many returned to safety, it was the biggest evacuation in military history.