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Northumberland is yet another county in England that boasts stunning green countryside, the area was rated England’s holiday destination of the year in 2017 by BBC’s Country file Magazine due to its stunning coastline and fantastic beaches. It is also home to Alnwick castle which was the setting for Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter films.

Population of Northumberland

Top 5 Places to Visit in Northumberland


Hexam Northumberland England United Kingdom

Hexam is a market town in Northumberland that is swamped in history and great activities to do.  Put on your best dress and head to Hexam racecourse for a memorable day out and if you feel lucky place a bet on a horse, the racecourse is located on a hill that over looks the town so you can get fantastic views of the countryside whilst enjoying your day.

The old goal in Hexam was England’s first built purpose prison, built in 1333 it was used as a prison for over 500 years. The building holds a very gruesome past, as you walk around here you can learn all about how criminals were treated, view costumes, Armour and take part in family friendly activities.

Walking around the town you will discover a range of quirky and unique shops, resturants and cafes from local people.

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Alnwick Northumberland England United Kingdom

Alnwick is home to so many sites that your diary will be fully booked when visiting here! One of the most popular is Alnwick castle, the setting in Harry Potter for Hogwarts School, it has also been used for filming Downton Abbey, Transformers, Robin Hood, Star Trek and many more. Many event through the years such as broomstick training, knight school, jousting, story telling and many more fantastic family events.

This castle is one of largest inhabited castles in the UK home to the Percy family who have been here for more than 700 years! the best in the UK, it is breathtaking up close and definitely one that you do not want to miss.

Another unique place you definitely want to see is Alnwick Garden which is home to one of the worlds biggest tree houses! You can book into the tree house restaurant for a memorable experience and eat dinner high up in the trees whilst getting warm by the central log burner. If you want to visit here please make sure you book as it is a very popular attraction.

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Seahouse Northumberland England United Kingdom

This very pretty fishing village in Northumberland is so unique, located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) it offers a lovely harbour, warm local village inns and gigantic sandy beaches.

There are many things to do in the area including a boat trip to the Farne islands to visit the lighthouse there that was built in 1811.

Bamburgh castle sits in the sky line of Seahouse’s on the hill, it is only 8 minutes by car and is another castle in this that is magnificent, nicknamed the king of castles it spans across 9 acres of land! The castle dates back to the Anglo-Saxon days but has evidence of settlement as far back as the Iron age. Many visitors report feeling strange things when they come here which is isn’t surprising given its age! It is home to the Armstrong family who opened it up to the public in the 1900’s.

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Berwick-Upon-Tweed hold the border between England and Scotland, it changed hands between the two countries 14 times until 1482 where is has remained under England – Kind of!

It is one of the forgotten places in Northumberland not visited by tourists as often yet it is one of the most beautiful! Surrounded by stunning green country, historical sites and a unique mix of culture between Scotland and England.

Berwick castle is a ruined castle that stands along the River Tweed, it is looked after by English Heritage now and is free of charge to enter. Other things to see and do in this area are Berwick Barracks, King’s Own Scottish Borders Regimental museum, Royal Border Bridge and union bridge.

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MorpethNorthumberland England United Kingdom

Morpeth is a beautiful historic market town full of character due to it still having kept most of the historical buildings, its rural location make it the perfect place for a relaxing holiday or weekend trip away.

A famous landmark in the town is Morpeth Clock Tower, constructed sometime between 1604 and 1634 it is 70ft high and stands in the corner of the market place and is made out of medieval stone. The River Wansbeck runs through the center of the town with lots of idyllic picnic spots all along the banks, rowing boats can also be hired.

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Location of airports near Northumberland

Newcastle Airport

Northumberland to Newcastle Airport

The local airport to the Northumberland area is Newcastle International Airport, it is 22 miles away which is approximately 30 mins travel time by car.


The night life in Northumberland happens in Berwick-Upon-Tweed which is around 60 miles away.

Berwick-Upon-Tweed has some of Northumberlands best pubs and bars, if you are looking for an active night scene then this is the place to be. Barrels Ale House is a local quirky pub that sells real ale, it is a family run pub and highly recommended by most of the locals, if you in the area then definitely pop in for a drink, you will be met with such a warm welcome.

The Auction House is a great place to go for live music and something a bit different, they are open during the day and have an antique shop you can look round, at night it is a different story offering drinks and fine wines, such a unique venue.


Scenery and places to see

This county has more scenery than towns, it is covered in areas of green and you wont be short of nature here.

Northumberland National Park offers stunning views and activities such as camping and hiking, walk through this beautiful park exploring reservoirs, Roman Hilltop forts valleys and so much more.  If you head to the coast you will find beautiful beaches with long stretches of soft sand and dunes.


All over this county are places of historical importance, it is where the border lies between England and Scotland which has a very violent past.  There are ore castles in this county than any other, many of which are still standing and magnificent.

Northumberland has witnessed Roman invasions, viking attacks and battle fields from Anglo-Saxon kings.  Most towns have kept their periodic buildings and it is a great place to explore and learn about history especially between both England and Scotland