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Staffordshire is a landlocked county in England well known for the best theme park in the United Kingdom, Alton Towers. It is a scenic place with rolling hills, rivers, waterfalls and much more hidden beauty especially located in the Staffordshire part of the Peak District. The county was also home to Samuel Johnson, a famous English writer from the 17th century .

Population of Staffordshire

Top 5 Places to Visit in Staffordshire


Lichfield Staffordshire England United Kingdom

Known as one of Staffordshire’s hidden gems, Lichfield is a beautiful historical town with many of the streets containing fantastic18th century architecture, its historic streets are lined with fantastic shops both big branded and unique making it a great place for shopping.

Literacy giant Samuel Johnson who was the first person to write the English dictionary was also born in this city, the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum can be found here and is a very interesting place to learn all about him and view some of his fantastic collections.

When visiting Lichfield you cant leave without taking a look at the fantastic 1300 year old Lichfield Cathedral! This Medieval Cathedral is the only one in England to have 3 spires, it is a magnificent structure with great detail and worth coming to the city to view. Another beautiful place in this city is the National Memorial Arboretum, a stunning 150 acre garden with over 30,000 trees and a wide collection of different memorials to those who have served our country.

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Stafford Staffordshire England United Kingdom

Stafford is a small but very pretty and highly attractive town in Staffordshire, this town is full of fascinating historical buildings in its town center, one of the most dominant ones is the ‘Ancient High House’ located on Greengate street.

This Tudor house is the largest remaining of its kind in England. It was built in 1595 for the Dorrington family and then opened a a museum in 1986, wondering through this splendid building you can get a glimpse into the past of its previous owners and how the house was built.

The Boscobel House is also in Stafford, its large Royal Oak tree is famous for hiding King Charles II after he was defeated in the battle of Worcester in 1651, his hiding place can still be seen.  The house became a working farm after words and is left as it was back then, you can walk round the house and farm stepping into a time machine that gives you a look into the past.


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Stafford Staffordshire England United Kingdom

Tamworth is a great town to visit for both sight seeing and adventure, the town is home to the thrilling Drayton Manor Theme Park and Thomas Land, the only place is Europe to have a whole area dedicate to just Thomas the Tank Engine!

The town itself if beautiful with many period properties, overlooked by Tamworth Castle, a complete Mote and Bailey castle which was built in 1070. If you a brave enough to walk around this reportedly haunted castle you will see how the castle was built back in the Saxon times and how it has developed even further over the years as it has been passed to different families.

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Thors Cave Leek Staffordshire England United Kingdom

This village may be small but it is so welcoming and picturesque, its little cobbled streets, undercover market and unique cafes make it a perfect place for shopping and relaxing. The area is surrounded by such stunning places that attract thousands of tourists each year. It is a perfect place to stay in the peak District with lots to do.

Take a walk up to the roaches a rocky steep gritstone ridge that towers above the town, rock climbers and hikers make their way here almost everyday to enjoy its beauty and all it has to offer, the views are stunning and you can see for miles once you are at the top. At the bottom is Don Whilans Hut, a house that is carved into the rock that has now been left to the climbing society; the history in this rock house is a long one dating back 1000’s of years.

Another amazing place near Leek that you need to visit is Manifold Valley and Thor’s cave, again the views from here are like something you only see in books, they are truly stunning, don’t forget to take your camera or you will regret it!

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Alton Staffordshire England United Kingdom

Alton is a little but very ancient village which is home to Alton Towers, one of the most popular family theme parks thought the UK and Europe. Set in the grounds of the towers which was originally an iron age fort built on Banbury Hill. Over the years the house was extended and in 1800’s when major work was done every year to extend the grand estate.

Along with the estate comes a tale that the 15th Early of Shrewsbury was curse because he wouldn’t help an old beggar out as she asked him for help, as he rode off in his carriage she screamed that every branch of the old oak tree that falls a member of the earls family would die.

That same night there was a storm ans lightening which struck down a branch from the oak tree, it is reported that a member of the earls family died that very same night, the earl ordered every branch from the old oak tree it be chained up and it still stands there to this day with the chains around it!  The tree can be seen in the village of Alton in the grounds of the ‘The Chained Oak Farm B&B’

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Location of airports in Staffordshire

East Midlands Airport

East Midlands Airport to Staffordshire

East Midlands airport is the closest to Staffordshire area. It is a total of 38 miles away and takes 55 minutes by car.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport to Staffordshire

Manchester airport is the furthest away from the Staffordshire area although it is still reachable. It take approximately 1hr and 5 mins and is 50 miles away.

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport to Staffordshire

Birmingham airport is also reachable from Staffordshire it take approximately 52 mins and is 47 miles away.


The night life in Staffordshire happens in Hanley which is around 14 miles away.

Hanley city is a fantastic place to go in the Staffordshire area for a nightout, large chain bars as well as individual bars line the streets here and everything comes alive at night until the early hours of the morning.

There is a large casino if you fancy something different that offers 3 course meals and live entertainment, a range of great clubs that offer different styles of music as well as different style bars and pubs.

Scenery and places to see

Staffordshire is a Stunning area especially in its part of the Peak District, rolling hills, rocky cliffs, caves, forests, rivers, waterfalls and a whole lot more are hidden in the valleys of this green area. Ruddyard Lake and Tittersworth reservoir are lovely places to go for a walk that also offer activities such as sailing, fishing and more.

Ruddyard also has a miniature steam railway running in the summer months and adventure park built into the hill adding a little more excitement for kids when you visit here


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