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Suffolk is a beautiful county in England containing flat land that is used mainly for farming. The whole county is made up of towns and doesn’t contain any cities as of yet! There are pretty historical seaside towns dotted all along the coast that are just perfect for family holidays!

Population of Suffolk

Top 5 Places to Visit in Suffolk

Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds Suffolk England United Kingdom

Bury St Edmunds is a fantastic town to visit in Suffolk with numerous points of interest, the town itself dates back to before the stone age and was previously named Beodericsworth.

During the Saxon days the town was a Royal borough and a monastery was founded here in 633 which is also the burial ground for King Edmund, the whole town grew with Burry St Edmunds Abbey at the centre of it all which became one of the richest Benedictine Monasteries in England! The fame of St Edmunds Abbey spread so much over the years that by 925 the name of the town was changed to St Edmunds Bury.

This town is so pretty and well kept, it has fantastic restaurants and shops and really makes a great place for a break away especially for discovering ancient England.  The Edmundsbury Cathedral which is in the grounds of the original Abbey is worth a visit, the architecture is truly remarkable and the ruins if the original Abbey can still be seen in the gardens.

Some other fantastic sites to see are West Stow Anglo Saxon Village, Ickworth House, Pillar of Salt, The Charnel House, the Norman Tower and Market Cross.

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Newmarket Suffolk England United Kingdom

Home to the popular Newmarket racecourse, this town was the birthplace of British horse-racing! In July there is a popular festival at the racecourse and various other races are also held throughout the month, two of the five main British races are also at this racecourse.  These events are fantastic and some of the most glamorous, people come from all over the UK dressed up to thoroughly enjoy the race days.

Newmarket town center is grand with the amazing Victorian clock tower in the center of it all, there are also many unique cafes serving delicious local food along with unique shops.

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Ipswich Suffolk England United Kingdom

Ipswich is situated on the banks of the River Orwell, the towns water front is what attracts thousands of visitors each year. Cafes and restaurants line the water front making it a perfect area to sit, relax and watch the boats go by in and out of the harbour. If you catch it on a clear day the sunset out over the sea and harbour will take your breath away.

You can book a boat trip aboard the Allen Gardiner and enjoy a lovely meal whilst cruising the river and taking in the stunning scenery along the river, options include booking either a 2 hour brunch, 3 hour A La Carte lunch, candle lit dinners or even supper cruises! Which ever one you decide you can be sure you will receive delicious meals that are prepared with fresh local ingredients.

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Lavenham Suffolk England United Kingdom

This fantastic medieval village in the heart of Suffolk was once the 14th wealthiest town in England during the Tudor times! The wealth was built on the wool trade which was thriving here during the 15th century. The Tudor houses are still there to this day and haven’t really been altered, their fantastic wooden timber facades make the town a fantastic place to learn about our ancestors history.

The town has over 320 historic buildings that are of great significance! When visiting this area make sure you check out the Guildhall which is now cared for by the national trust, this fascinating Tudor building was built in 1530 and has had many uses over the years ranging from a prison, workhouse, restaurant and nursery until 1951 when it was given to the National Trust for its care.

There are a superb range of unique inns, B&B’s and hotels to choose from in the area and a great range of cafes and restaurants, each offering their own unique menu and home cooked food.

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Southwold Suffolk England United Kingdom

Southwold is one of the prettiest seaside towns in the UK, whether it is a relaxing holiday or adventure you are looking for you can be sure to find it in the beautiful town. Situated between Lowesoft and Aidenburgh it is has a long stretch of sandy beaches and cute colorful beach huts that line the promenade.

There are so many fun holiday activities that you can do here, one of which is viewing the famous Southwold lighthouse which has been an important landmark to the area for hundreds of years.

There is also a summer theater which is usually open from May through to September, the theater runs a number of shows over the summer.

The Victorian pier that sticks out into the sea is a wonderful attraction and holds many exciting things to do, historically, the pier was used as a dock from the large steam ships that came from London. There are cafes, restaurants, arcades and much more all along the pier.

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Location of airports near Suffolk

Norwich Airport

Norwich Airport to Suffolk

Although Norwich airport is closest to Suffolk (43 miles away) travel time is longer due to the traffic, it takes around 1hr 30 mins by car.

Stanstead Airport

Stanstead Airport to Suffolk

London Stanstead airport is the quickest to reach from Suffolk because you can take a more rural route. It is a total of 60 miles away, 1 hr 16 mins travel time by car.


The night life in Suffolk happens in Ipswich which is around 15 miles away.

Ispwich is a fantastic place for a night out and has a reall unique scene. Many of the cars are along the water front over looking the harbour, there are open roof top bars so you can really get a great view of this lovely area whilst relaxing.

Inland there are bars on historical cobbled streets with local inns and pubs in dated characteristic buildings. The Woolpack on Tuddenham road is known to be the most haunted pub in the UK with visitors regularly seeing strange characters in old clothing and objects going flying! Many pubs serve locally brewed unique ales adding even more to your Suffolk experience.

Scenery and places to see

Suffolk is home to some truly stunning areas, although it is mainly flat land there are picturesque areas along the coast with long stretches of golden sand with sand dunes. Inland Dedham Vale is a great place for nature lovers with large stretches of farmland, fairy tale meadows,  rivers and ancient woodland.

The Brecks is an area in Suffolk of deep pine forests full of wildlife such as hares, deer and rare birds.  The wild fresh river waters here are perfect for swimming in the summer months and there are numerous activities in the forest such as ‘Go Ape’ treetop adventure, walking and cycling, you can really sit back and relax here whilst taking in this amazing scenery.


Suffolk meaning southern folk is an area of historical importance in the UK, with the county dating way back to the 5th century! Some the oldest and most important Anglo-Saxon settlement sites have been discovered in this area.

The county has many important sites that can be explored from different eras, Tudor houses that were built here during the prime period of the wool trade still remain as they were and line some of the towns streets adding great character and making them highly interesting places to visit.

Grand churches, cathedrals, castles and large old estates can be found here and of course lets not forget that Suffolk is also the birth place of British horseracing, and home to the famous Newmarket race track!