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Tyne and Wear is a relatively new county in England that was established in 1974 after the local government act was passed, it is named after the two rivers that surround it; the River Tyne and River Wear. The county is also home to the UK’s favorite TV presenters Ant McPartlin and  and Declan Donnelly.

Population of Tyne and Wear

Top 5 Places to Visit in Tyne and Wear

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne Castle Tyne and Wear England United Kingdom

Mainly known as ‘Newcastle’, the dialect here is known as ‘Geordie’ throughout the UK and is home to the famous lovable actors and TV presenters Ant and Dec.

This city is full of interesting hidden treasures from the past, Victoria Tunnel is an old waggonway that runs directly under the city from Moor to the River Tyne, it was built in the 1840’s and was used to carry coal from Spital Tounges Colliery to the river.

In 1939 it was converted into an air raid shelter to protect people from the WWII bombings, go on a 2 hour guided tour and experience what it would of been like during these two operating periods with sound effects! Hear sounds of the oncoming coal waggons and also the sirens and bombs from the world war, no experience will take you back in time like this one!

You can also visit Newcastle Castle and experience ‘Old Newcastle’ going back more than 1800 years as it has passed through different eras!

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Sunderland Tyne and Wear England United Kingdom

situated at the mouth of the River Tyne on the coast of the North Sea Sunderland has a variety of attractions to offer visitors.

Souter lighthouse was the first lighthouse in the world that used electricity! Built in 1871 back in the day it was a prodigy and a great development of modern technology.

There are a number of fantastic museums that can be explored in Sunderland including Sunderland Museum, National Glass Centre and North East Land, Sea and Air Museum.

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Gateshead Tyne and Wear England United Kingdom

Gateshead sits on the opposite side of the river to Newcastle, there are 7 bridges that connect the two places one if with is the award winning Gateshead Millennium tilting cyclist bridge which tilts once a week on a Sunday.

A town known for great arts and structures there are many interesting things to see here historical structures but also modern.  The Angel of the North is a structure that was built in 1994 and completed in 1998, it is made of steel and is an angel with a 20 meter wing span standing on the hill of Birtley in Lameley, you really need to see this statue in person to fully appreciate its magnificence.

Another great place to visit is Tanfileld railway, an old railway that was built in 1725 that still runs in the present day offering ride on its steam locomotives.

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South Shields

South Shields Tyne and Wear England United Kingdom

This lovely and picturesque seaside town is a perfect place for a family holiday with lots of attractions. It is home to some stunning beaches with stunning cliffs as backdrops.

One of the best things to visit here is Jarrow Hall, an Anglo-Saxon farm, village and bede museum. This 11 acre site is packed full of educational activities and wildlife to see, walk back in time and learn where the English language started,  learn what is was like over 1300 years ago in the Anglo-Saxon period and walk foot steps of our ancestors.

Another great historical site to see is Arbeia, an old Roman fort situated in the heart of South Shields, the fort guarded the main sea route to Hadrians Wall. Lots of events take place here throughout the year with Roman shows and acting so you can really experience what it was like to live in the Roman days first hand.

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Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear England United Kingdom

Historically part of Northumberland, Whitley Bay is another great seaside town in Tyne and Wear. Sat on the coast to the North Seas the beaches here are stunning with stretched of golden sand for miles. St marys light house sits on the peak on a rocky island which at high tide gets submerged by the sea.

A great place to visit here is Seaton Delaval Hall which is cared for by the National Trust.  A place with a very deep past, the hall is thousands of years old and have been through a lot of changes some of which were tragic, in 1822 it suffered a great fire damaging the great hall.  It was also used a prison camp during WWII, you can walk around this ancient grand building and its magnificent gardens, exploring its past and hearing the tales it has to tell.

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Location of airports in Tyne and Wear

Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport to Tyne and Wear

Newcastle international airport is the closest to Tyne and Wear, it is only 9 miles away which takes around 20 minutes by car.


The nightlife in Tyne and Wear happens in Newcastle which is around 3 miles away.

Every night is a party night in Newcastle! It is a heaving with bars, clubs, local pubs and much more.  It is known for one of the best places in England for an amazing night out and some of the clubs are world famous, it is no surprise that celebrities make regular appearances here.  Ed Sheeran, JLS, Cheryl Cole and many more have all been seen in some of these clubs.

The top 3 clubs are Florita’s, Madame Koo and Digital. Each one is unique and offers completely different scenes and their own signature cocktails! Digital has won awards for being one of the best clubs in Europe and regularly has famous DJ’s there.



Scenery and places to see

Tyne and Wear is a great county where you can get the best of both worlds, modern art, historical buildings, nature parks and coast line can all be found in this area!

The beaches are stunning with long stretches of sand and rocky cliffs making it so picturesque.  The area is perfect for a holiday and there is really something for everyone.


There is 1000’s of years of history in Tyne and Wear dating back to the Anglo-Saxon days, historical castles, buildings and under ground tunnels are all in this area making it a fantastic and interesting place to visit. Tynemouth castle and priory, Hardians Wall and Hylton Castle are just a few of the ancient sites that can be explored here.

It is still making history today for future generations producing fantastic art sculptures and modern bridges that dominate the sky line here, Tyne Bridge, Gateshead Milennium amd the Angel of the North to name a few.