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This famous county in England is well known for the birth place of William Shakespeare, an English poet, playwright and actor from the 1500’s. It is one of the most interesting counties full of castles and hidden treasure from the past just waiting to be explored.

Population of Warwickshire

Top 5 Places to Visit in Warwickshire


Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire England United Kingdom

Sitting along the River Avon this historic and famous market town is the birth place of William Shakespeare, one of the most influential and well known poet & play writers in the English language. Each year millions of tourists flock to this area to see where Shakespeare  once lived.

You can visit the actual birth place of Shakespeare, the home where he was born, grew up in and lived with his own wife Anne Hathaway and children for 5 years until he bought his new house.  The house if marvelous and still as it was when he lived there.

You can also visit the site and gardens of his new house and also Anne’s thatched roof cottage where she lived when they were courting.  Actors are walking around outside these areas and doing shows throughout the day so you really get the full Shakespeare experience!

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Rugby Warwickshire England United Kingdom

No this town isn’t named after a sport the sport is named after the town! that’s right, this is where Rugby began! In 1823 a boy named William Webb Ellis was playing foot ball at his school in the town Rugby when he ignored the rules and decided to run with the ball, it was after this that the sport Rugby was invented which is now a loved sport all over the world.

Given the fact that Rugby was invented here most attractions revolve around the sport but not all, you can book on a tour around Rugby school & museum and see where it all started in this fascinating 450 year old school or visit the Webb Ellis Rugby Football Museum.

If you are not interested in the sport then you can take a walk around Draycote Water – a reservoir and country park full of natural beauty and wildlife, enjoy the sites and relax in the peaceful area, watch a show in Rugby theater or walk around the lovely town and explore the unique shops.

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Warwick Warwickshire England United Kingdom

This town is famous for its well known castle, ‘Warwick Castle’ which was founded by William the Conqueror in 1068. The castle is impressive and it is no wonder why so many tourists come from all over just to visit it each year. As well as visiting the castle there are actors and live shows going on through out the day making it a great educational trip especially for children.

But the castle isn’t the only attraction in this area! Lord Leycester Hospital is a row of Tudor framed buildings along the high street dating way back to the 14th century, the building inside and out is magnificent and well worth a visit.  You can also visit St Johns House museum; a 900 year old mansion, Guy Cliffe House, Charlecote Mill and many more amazing historical places.

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Kenilworth Warwickshire England United Kingdom

Another town in Warwickshire that boasts fantastic historical sites, Kenilworth is known for the marvelous ruins of Kenilworth Castle.  Construction on the castle started in the Norman times and wasn’t fully complete until the Tudor times, It is known as one of the best surviving buildings from the middle ages.

Unfortunately the castle was partially destroyed to prevent it being used by the military in 1649 and now only two of the surviving buildings remain habitable. Other places to see here are Stoneleigh Abbey and Abbey Fields.

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Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa Warwickshire England United Kingdom

This town sits on the River Leam which was where it got its name from. It once was a small village that went by the name of Leamington Priors and it is well known for the healthy natural saline waters and its baths that were built around them, the waters claim to be very healing and have major health benefits.

The Royal pump rooms where the baths and pumps for the water once were can still be seen, the building is now a center for culture and tourism. Another popular attraction in Leamington Spa is Chesterton Windmill, a 350 year old windmill that was built in 1632 by sir Edward Peyto,

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Location of airports near Warwickshire

Coventry Airport

Warwickshire to Coventry Airport

The closest airport to Warwickshire is Coventry which is 11 miles away approximately 16 mins drive.

Birmingham Airport

Warwickshire to Coventry Airport

Birmingham airport is 23 miles from Warwickshire which is 30 mins drive.


The nightlife in Warwickshire happens in Warwick which is around 8 miles away.

For unique and relaxing night out when visiting Warwickshire head to Warwick, while it may not be raving with loud clubs and bars, the unique and individual pubs are more than enough coupled with the welcoming arms of the friendly locals you will really have an enjoyable night.

One great place to go is ‘The Old Post Office’ is sells local and unusual real cask ales and ciders, the atmosphere is great and the owners are so welcoming.

Scenery and places to see

Rolling green hills, giant castles, rivers, lakes and Tudor houses are just a few of the things that make up the scenery in Warwickshire.

It really is a place full of excitement and beautiful things to see whether its natural or man made the list of attractions to see in this area is very long, you will be extending your stay just to fit them all in!


Warwickshire is full of historical places to visit, castles, old mansions and Tudor houses can be found in almost every town.

Each area has its own highly interesting buildings and sites that are a reminder of the many eras that once rules the towns of England.  Don’t forget to head to Stratford-Upon-Avon and visit the birth places of the famous William Shakespeare!