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Cheshire West is home to the amazing Roman city of Chester, this unique walled city is a wonderland for history and has so many exciting things to be discovered.  It is also home to the Holyoaks set and Chester races, one of England’s most popular horse racing days held every year in May.

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Top 4 Places to Visit in West Cheshire


Frodsham1 Cheshire West and Chester England United Kingdom

Frodsham is a beautiful rural town in the county of Cheshire West and Chester just 3 miles from Runcorn.

The area is surrounded by stunning countryside sitting at the bottom of Beacon Hill, locally know as Frodsham Hill it is an old Iron Age fort; there are lots of lovely walks in this area.

Historically Frodsham was an important borough especially during the Medieval times when it belonged to the Earl of Chester.

Castle Park House and Gardens in Frodsham is a great place for a day out, this old country house was built in the 1850’s on the site of the original Frodsham Castle which was destroyed by a fire in 1654.  Visitors can enjoy picnics on the marvellous grounds which has a fantastic play area for children or pay a visit to the arts centre which is on the site.

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Chester Cheshire West and Chester England United Kingdom

Chester is a fascinating old walled city there really is no other like it, founded as a Roman fort in 75AD the walls were built to protect the city and still remain to this day, they are a major tourist attraction for the area.

Inside the walls along the main shopping streets, you will find Chester Rows, the rows are undercover walkways 1 level above the street level.  Rows of shops were built during the Medieval period, built on the first floor there are built on the remains of the old Roman buildings and are truly remarkable.

You will find shops or cafes all along these hidden walkways making it a maze full of treasures to be found, many have kept their Medieval character which really makes you feel like you have stepped back in time.

In some of the cafes you can sit and look at the main shopping street below watching the world go by; you can just get such a great picture of how life here in Chester would of been hundreds of years ago.

Being an old Roman fort there is so much to discover here in Chester, you could easily spend a full week here and still not of completed everything!

A great place to learn about the Romans in Chester is Dewa Roman Experience, go on a journey back in time with real sounds and smells from the Roman period, experience a real Roman Galley, market stalls, barracks, bathhouse, taverna and much more all set on the site of a real Legionary fortress. There is also a hands-on room with pottery, bones and other treasures from the past.

A Roman City can’t be fully complete without an amphitheatre! That’s right Chester is also home to the UK’s largest Roman amphitheatre, located on little john street only about two-fifths of it has been excavated, the rest lies under the wall and near by buildings. Two entrances have however been uncovered and can clearly be seen giving you a good idea of how the layout would of been.

When in Chester another must see place is Chester Cathedral, the architecture on the Cathedral is stunning both inside and outside, the attention to detail, the wooden carvings inside, the stain-glass windows everything is really very beautiful.

You are able to book on a tower tour and climb the spiral staircase to the very top of the 125 feet Cathedral tower discovering the history of the monks and hearing tales from over 900 years ago. Once at the top you will get the best view of Chester and be able to see for miles over the city.

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Chester Northwich Cheshire West and Chester England United Kingdom

Northwich; originally known as Condate during the Roman times is situated in the heart of the Cheshire Plain at the junction of the River Weaver and River Dane.

There are a couple of interesting attractions in the area one being the Lion Salt Works Museum, the salt works is the last remaining open pan salt works in England and one of 3 that are remaining in the whole world!

After it was closed in 1986 it was preserved as a museum and has recently undergone a £10.23m restoration project, you can discover all about the history of the salt works and the Thompson family who originally owned it.

Other points of interest worth visiting in Northwich are Marbury Country Park, Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse, Anderton nature park and Anderton Boat Lift.

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Location of airports near Cheshire West and Chester

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport to Cheshire West and Chester

Manchester Airport is just 30 miles away from Cheshire West and Chester approximately 40 minutes travel time by car.

John Lennon Liverpool Airport

John Lennon Liverpool Airport to Cheshire West and Chester

Liverpool John Lennon Airport is a little closer to Cheshire West and Chester than Manchester at just 18 miles away, it takes around 30 minutes by car.


The nightlife in West Cheshire happens in Chester which is around 6 miles away.

The best nightlife in Cheshire West and Chester is without a doubt in the ancient Roman city Chester, there is something really cool about partying among 100’s of year old walls that the Romans also drank beer among!

There are hundreds of old pubs and bars to choose from here, many places specialise in different drinks such as shot bars and cocktail bars.

Cruise is a popular nightclub which has 6, yes 6 different themed areas! You will find fancy booths, a light up dance floor and much more hidden in this fantastic venue.

Scenery and places to see

There are many scenic areas in Cheshire West and Chester, large country parks, rivers and canals are dominant in this area.

Delamere Forest is one of the most popular places for nature lovers in this area, the forest has loads of great attractions that are fun for the whole family including Go Ape, bike trails, wild running and just walking and enjoying the forests natural beauty.

Forest Explorers run a whole loads of family educational days in the forest including things like building dens and stone age days where you spend the whole day learning what it was like to live like our ancestors 100’s of years ago, making fires, hunting traps and tasting stone age food!

Their program is absolutely fantastic we highly recommend booking an event with them, you wont be disappointed!



Chester West and Chester was under just Cheshire until 2009 when the county was split into two separate areas.

The county has a long standing history especially due to its location being close to the border of Wales.

Chester especially has a deep interesting history which was ruled as a busy Roman fort for many years, museums, old pubs, the walls and much more still stand to tell the tales.