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Worcestershire s a beautiful land locked county in England home to the famous Worcestershire sauce. Created by two chemists (John Wheeley Lea and William Perrrins) in 1837 it is now a much loved sauce by families all over the UK.

Population of Worcestershire

Top 3 Places to Visit in Worcestershire


Evesham Worcestershire England UK

The Vale of Evesham is a hive for all kinds of fun and interesting festivals throughout the year.  Car Rally’s, Open Gardens, Spring festivals, Food festivals, Beer festivals, Asparagus festival and so much more!

There is literally a festival for anything you can think of and why not? This area is so beautiful and pretty you can understand why the lovely local people want to spend all year outside enjoying it.

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Abberley Worcestershire England UK

Abberley is a beautiful little village in Worcestershire, although it is small it is a very charming village perfect for walkers.

It is also home to the ruins of St Michael’s Church, an old Norman church which was built in the 12th century on the foundations of an even older Saxon church!

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Worcestershire history England UK

This beautiful riverside Georgian town is just a stones throw away from the stunning Wyre Forest.  The forest holds a whole load of fun activities that you can do here including the tree top adventure Go Ape.

Bewdley itself sits along the river Severn with riverside cafes, Bewdley museum and beautiful period properties, you will thoroughly enjoy spending time here and admiring its character.

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Closest airport to Worcestershire

Birmingham Airport

Worcestershire to Birmingham Airport

The closest airport to Worcestershire is Birmingham airport which is around a 36 mile drive and takes approximately an hour.


Worcester nightlife Worcestershire England UK

The nightlife in Worcestershire happens in Worcester which is around 6 miles away.

If you are looking for nightlife in the county of Worcestershire then head to the city of Worcester which is where it all happens! Here you will find a great range of wine bars, pubs, cocktail bars and clubs, most of which are located in the city center and easy to access.

Scenery and places to see

Worcestershire scenery England UK

This rural landscape attracts hundreds of tourists each year who love to enjoy the great outdoors and all of Worcestershires natural surroundings.

Malvern Hills – Area of Outstanding natural Beauty (AONB) are especially a major area of interest for nature lovers and walkers, with their vibrant colors of bright grass, woodland and wild flowers that make you feel life your in a dream it is no surprise why people love to come here.


Worcestershire history England UK

Two significant battles in English history were fought in Worcestershire, the first was in Evesham in 1265 Simon De Montfort was killed by Edward I.

The second was in the City of Worcester where a parliamentary army led by Oliver Cromwell ended the English civil wars and defeated Charles II and the Scottish opposition.