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Privacy and Cookie Policy

If you do not agree with the terms stated clearly bellow please do not use the website.

Who are we

We (JetBook Limited) a company owned by (Bro Brothers Enterprises Limited) and it’s subsidiaries, commonly refereed to as JetBook) manage and operate multiple websites, JetBook in question has been specifically constructed as a search engine for Flights & Hotels.


What is are cookie files?

Quite simply, cookie files are a file that are hidden on your computer or mobile device that help store information about you to provide a better experience while using the website.

Why does JetBook use cookies?

Cookies allow us to create more advanced websites, in our case cookies store previous search data so you don’t have to keep repeating the detail entry process and provide tracking of our users from page to page to allow us to improve how our website displays its infromation.

What information we collect with cookies

  • Whether it’s your first time here or not.
  • Whether you found us via links off Google, our advertising campaigns or social media.
  • Your search history to allow us to provide you with a better enhanced and unique experience each time you visit.
  • We are using the Google Analytics tracking system. It may install cookies in your browser according to Google’s privacy policy.
  • Additionally to the cookies JetBook stores on its users devices some of our third parties (Partners) may also choose to store cookies on those devices for their own uses. Some of our partners will use the information stored in the cookies we have placed on devices to better enhance their user experience. These uses include but are not limited to your search data (origin, destination, travel dates, class and number of passengers in your party) we do not share personal information stored on this website.

How can you disable cookies?

Most browsers allow you to reject all cookies. For example, in Google Chrome you can disable all cookies by clicking “Settings”->”Content Settings” and selecting “Don’t allow websites to use cookies”.

Email list

  • If you decide to subscribe to our email list to receive information you will be required to go through our double opt-in process, this process is in place to simply prevent incorrect emails being stored in our email campaigns. You will be sent an automated email with a conformation link inside and once clicked you will be added to our email list for further updates. If you do not click this link you will not be added to our list and will receive any communication from us. If you wish to remove yourself from the email list and stop us sending information to you at anytime after you have subscribed you can simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every single email we have sent or will send you. We do not and will not ever rent, share or sell your information to any third parties we (JetBook) are the only company that will ever use your information, if you are ever contacted by any other company that is claiming to be a part of us or represent us please contact us immediately and send us the email so we can try to prevent it from recurring.

Social networks

  • If you “LIKE”/”SHARE”/”+1” us (or perform a similar action) in social networks, we may obtain your first and last name. However, we’re not using this information for any purpose (honestly) and choose to ignore it.

What information we disclose about you

  • The only information that is forwarded to our partners is booking specific, we do not take personal information during our search engine process.

What information we DON’T collect about you

Personally identifiable information

  • JetBook does not need or collect any personal identifying information about you, age, date of birth, address, financial information, phone numbers or passport details.

Order and payment information

  • We do not take or store any financial information such as but not limited to credit card details and bank details.
  • We do not charge or take bookings on this website, you pay the travel agents, hotels or airlines directly there for we have no access to any of your booking information and conformations, we can not make changes to or cancel any bookings.

SSL Conection

  • We serve information to our users over a safe and secure verified SSL encrypted connection.

Closing Comments

This document is constantly evolving to reflect our latest developments. We reserve the right to change it at any time.