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The service we provide.

We (JetBook) a Trading style of (Bro Brothers Enterprises Limited) and it’s subsidiaries, commonly refereed to as JetBook) manage and operate multiple websites, JetBook in question has been specifically constructed as a search engine for Flights & Hotels.

Each time you perform a search on JetBook our system automatically communicates via an API through our partners network and collectively compiles data from travel services providers, airlines, hotels and travel agencies to provide you with a list of options matching your search.

Once you are presented with available options you can then browse and compare the information and select the options which you feel best matches your required criteria. If you choose to select any options you are then forwarded on to our partners websites where all of your future interactions will be provided by them, not JetBook.

We work our best to make sure the information provided is as accurate and up to date as possible but we cannot guarantee that prices and vacancies listed on our search pages will be exactly the same when you arrive on our partners websites.

What we do not provide.

  • JetBook does not take bookings / sell tickets / charge any fee’s / take or store financial information. We are simply a search engine and our soul function is to forward its users to our partners where bookings take place and financial information is provided by you.
  • JetBook cannot and will not be able to provide any support or information with any events that happen after you leave the website to make bookings with our partners. Please check any email conformations for the details on who that operating partner may be and send any complaints and information requests to them.
  • JetBook does not in any way play a roll in the decision process if you choose a service from the search results, once you are shown the results any decisions made are made at your own free will.
  • JetBook does hold any of our users money we are simply paid in commission by our partners for providing them with bookings and traffic there for we cannot aid in the event of needed cancellations, please again refer to the partner who you placed the booking with prior to leaving our site.

What we don’t want you to do

  • People of under 13 years are required to ask their parents or guardians for permission.
  • Use our search engine for automated misuse by using search software that can greatly overload and effect our website function and speeds for other users.
  • All of the images and content on this website is copy righted and under no circumstances can it be used for any purpose without written consent, anyone found to be breaking this agreement will be informed to cease use of our content in writing. After 14 days if the content is not removed we will take legal action to the full extent of the law. This 14 day period is not a grace period and does not permit people to temporarily use our content.
  • You must not in anyway act as an affiliate or partner with JetBook by acting as a fraudulent representative of our business.

Any person found breaching our terms can face prosecution and IP blacklisting to prevent access to the site.

If you think we’ve done something wrong

  • Intellectual Property Infringement. If you think we’ve infringed on your Intellectual Property, please send us a detailed explanation to, and we’ll review it within the reasonable time frame.
  • Arbitration. You expressly give up your right to go to the court (individually or as part of a class action) and agree that all matters will be settled by binding arbitration of a United Kingdom Arbitration Centre.


  • The travel search service is provided to you “as is” without any warranties, including fitness for purpose. It provides generic information that doesn’t take your specific requirements into consideration. All the ticket/booking information we display comes from our partners and we don’t validate it for accuracy, availability, applicability, compatibility with your needs or citizenship / visa status, etc.
  • We are not responsible for the validity of information outside of our control related to exchange rates, weather, time zones and time difference, travel time, etc. The information published in city guides may not be accurate and you use it at your own risk.
  • We disclaim any responsibility for any actions performed by you based on the information presented or implied on our web site.
  • Because we don’t sell anything (see above), we can’t guarantee the availability of tickets or bookings, or that the price given to us my Our Partners will be the same price you will pay.
  • We don’t guarantee that the price that will be displayed to you will contain ALL the charges and fees, including, but not limited to: airport charge, fuel surcharge, departure tax, checked baggage fee, credit card processing fee, etc.
  • We don’t guarantee your satisfaction with your flight or booking because the provisioning of service is beyond our control.
  • Theoretically, our web site may go down or become unresponsive for a short period of time. In the unlikely event of this happening, we are not responsible for any inconvenience you incur.
  • We may change these terms of usage at any time without advance notice.

Limitation of Liability

  • Because we don’t charge you for anything, to the maximum extent permitted by the law of your country, we disclaim any liability for any damages arising from your use of Go Travel’s web sites or from any aspect of your dealing with Our Partners.


  • You agree to indemnify JetBook and its stakeholders against any claims, damages, losses, etc. brought by 3rd parties as a result of your misuse of the web sites, JetBook’s or Our Partners’ Intellectual Property.


  • Your use of our web sites is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.
  • Any voidable provisions in these Terms of Use don’t render the entire Terms void.